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Phil Hopkins
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9:00 AM 4th July 2020

UK Quarantine Bar Softens

Photo: Morning Brew
Photo: Morning Brew
Passengers entering England from dozens of countries no longer have to quarantine from 10 July.

The government has issued a list of 59 destinations - including many popular holiday spots - which now pose ''a reduced risk'' from coronavirus.

The list focuses on countries in Europe, island nations around the world including the Caribbean, and countries further east - including Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Arrivals are exempt from quarantine if they arrive in England from dozens of destinations including: Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, Norway and many more.

The 14 British Overseas Territories are also exempt with the promise that many more could be added.

Exempt Countries?
You will still have to isolate for 14 days if you arrive back in England from Canada, the US and much of Central or South America. Countries in Africa, the Middle East and most of Asia are also excluded.

Travellers from Sweden, Portugal, Russia and anywhere else not on the list will also have to quarantine.

The list will be kept under review, and if conditions worsen in an exempted country, the government says it ''will not hesitate'' to reintroduce quarantine for those travellers.

Equally, further restrictions may be placed on UK travellers if its infection rate rises.

UK Travel Abroad
Travellers leaving England could still face restrictions - including quarantine - when they arrive in one of the exempted countries.

About half the countries and territories on the list have restrictions for arriving UK visitors. These include:
Greece will not accept direct UK flights until at least mid-July
Austria requires Britons to self-isolate unless they have a recent medical certificate or test negative for coronavirus on arrival
New Zealand has barred almost all foreign travellers from visiting
Countries including Australia and South Korea impose a 14-day quarantine
Visitors to Iceland can either choose to pay for a test or go into quarantine
You are not allowed to enter Cyprus if you have been in the UK in the last 14 days

But these restrictions may change.

France, for example, has had a voluntary quarantine for UK travellers entering the country. It's understood this will be lifted when the UK lifts its restrictions for French travellers.

Manchester Airport
Charlie Cornish, Group CEO of MAG, which operates Manchest Airport, said: ”These travel corridors will open up the chance for people to enjoy a well-earned break abroad and directly benefit the hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs depend on air travel for their livelihoods - whether they work in aviation or for the UK's tourism and hospitality businesses, which can now welcome the first overseas visitors we will have seen for months.

“We have made our airports safe for our passengers and staff, and our airports have already started limited operations to many of these countries. With the quarantine requirement now removed, we look forward to safely welcoming back many more passengers in the coming weeks.

“The Government should continue to take a risk-based approach to quarantine arrangements and, where possible, build more air bridges to key tourism and business destinations with low infection rates. Each one will help protect jobs and preserve billions of pounds worth of economic activity in the UK.”

Travel restriction details: