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4:20 AM 11th September 2021

Dairy Launches Three New Cheeses

Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson, the artisan cheesemakers behind award winning St. James Cheese, have launched a three brand-new cheeses to add to their portfolio.

Ingot - a soft, smooth textured goats’ cheese made as an ingot, hence its name. Each cheese is matured for around seven days, during which time it develops a pale yellow rind. The cheese has a creamy and dense texture, with delicate milky and nutty flavours, which intensify with age developing sweet notes of hazelnut when fully matured.

Cavendish - is a soft, smooth textured goats’ cheese made in the round, which is dusted with vine ash before being matured for seven days. It has delicate floral flavours, which intensify with age and is reminiscent to a Southern French mountain cheese. The cheese takes its name from the family who took a chance with Martin and Nicola 15 years ago and rented them a couple of fields, giving them the chance to establish their business.

St James Halloumi
St James Halloumi
St James Halloumi - is a 100% sheep’s milk unripened semi-hard white cheese, that is brined for up to four days. Raw milk is used to take advantage of microflora instead of adding additional cultures. The raw curds are then collected in small cheese baskets, moulded and cut before being left to drain naturally. The curd is then cooked in its own whey to pasteurise the cheese at 85 degrees Celsius to achieve that Halloumi squeak. This delivers a flaky layered texture with subtle briny and buttery flavours without being overly salty, retaining the flavour of the milk.

Martin Gott commented: "Utilising the very best milks from our herd of Guernsey goats and our Lacaune sheep we’ve been able to create three really interesting flavoursome cheeses, with pronounced and intense flavour profiles and textures. These include soft, semi-soft cheeses and semi-hard cheeses, bringing our total of new cheeses to seven, so far for this year, and we have more ideas in development, which is really exciting.''

You can try some of these delicious artisan cheeses for yourself - selected cheeses are currently available from the following outlets:
Manchester - New Market Dairy:
Cumbria - Cartmel Cheeses:
Yorkshire - Courtyard Dairy: