Yorkshire Times
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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
5:23 PM 7th May 2013

Alison Moyet - the minutes

Rating: 4.5/5

Alison Moyet's career has taken on so many dimensions, that is almost forgivable to have forgotten her electro-pop roots. Having taken time out of her solo career in 2007 for a brief Yazoo reunion, and to also tread the boards, Moyet's return to the recording studio has garnered much attention - most notably for her collaborating with celebrated producer Guy Sigsworth (Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, Seal and Björk) - with the Billericay girl blaming her lack of interest in reality TV for the loss of her record deal. However, unperturbed, Moyet has finally realised the release of eighth studio album, 'the minutes', and now everyone wants to know whether the record was worth the wait.

Moyet's talent has never been in doubt. One of the most definitive vocalists in the history of British music industry, Moyet's back catalogue is so diverse that any artist would be lying if they said they did not aspire to her versatility, but it is the prospect of Moyet's return to her career defining terrain that has set tongues wagging. With taster singles, the exciting twists of 'Changeling' and brooding passion of 'When I Was Your Girl', further wetting the appetite, hopes of an exceptional delivery have remained high.

Thankfully, after the extended build up, Moyet more than delivers of her long-term promise. 'the minutes' is pure electro-pop heaven that reiterates Moyet's sheer power as an artist. From well-constructed songs to Moyet's unmistakable vocals, 'the minutes' delivers forty minutes of pure pleasure without the need for any guilt - and most importantly, no need to press the skip button.

While 'the minutes' is not without its high and lows - it presents an intriguing journey of self-exploration and explanation. From the dub-tinged 'Right As Rain' through to the electro-ballad 'A Place To Stay', Moyet' presence is one defined by its honesty. Though there are moments where Sigsworth's experimental approach overrides Moyet's vocals - with 'Apple Kisses' and album lowlight 'All Signs Of Life' worst effected - 'the minutes' is essentially a rather captivating meeting of two creative minds, who together have crafted a near perfect contemporary masterpiece that could soon be hailed a classic.