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3:31 PM 9th April 2020

Yorkshire Entrepreneur Aims To Spark Interest In Starting A Business With Candle Kit Giveaway

Young entrepreneur and owner of South Yorkshire business Supplies for Candles is giving away £100,000-worth of candle making kits and business start-up support to people who have been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicky Story (28) set up his candle supplies business four years ago from his dad’s garage and has built it into a £5m turnover business. Nicky says that he wants to help and support people across the UK who may have lost their job or while they’re in isolation due to the Coronavirus.

To help, he’s giving away kit that will help people learn the basics of candle making, along with a business start-up pack which gives guidance to those who may wish to take their interest in candle making a step further.

The giveaway packs include everything required to make scented candles and scented wax melts. Nicky’s business starter pack, which accompanies the candle making kit, includes a candle and wax melt making guide, an easy to follow “How To” video, an extensive business start-up plan, financial budget template and heavily discounted website build and branding packages.

In addition, Nicky will conduct a weekly live Q&A session from the company’s social media platforms for those who have received the starter kits and who would like further insight into how they can make a business out of candle making.

Says Nicky: “Our business has supplied many people who are taking their candle making hobby to the next level and started selling their products online. I’m watching what’s happening across the country and hearing that at least one in twenty people have lost their jobs because of coronavirus, with many more people uncertain about their futures.

“I want to give those who may have been affected financially by the current pandemic the opportunity to learn a new skill, keep busy, have a go and explore new avenues to generate income. That’s why I’m giving away up to £100,000 worth of candle making starter kits with a guide to getting your candle making business up and running.

“It’s geared towards you being at home and looking at opportunities to boost your future income. In addition to the kit, I will be running free online sessions to help people get started and support them along the way.”

Anyone interested in receiving a free kit should visit to request their starter pack. Postage will be charged at £3.50 to help avoid online scams reselling products at inflated prices.