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1:43 PM 16th April 2020

Waving Goodbye To Potholes Forever?

Could you be waving goodbye to potholes forever?

Introducing the road repair technologies that could save UK motorists £4bn per year

Elastomac patchingElastomac patching
Elastomac applicationElastomac application
Elastomac patchingElastomac patching
Potholes cause despair and anger for motorists up and down the land. These unavoidable menaces cost British car owners £4bn in insurance claims annually, and such is the gravity of people wishing to see the back of them, the Government announced a £2.5bn fund in the most recent budget to tackle the issue.

After a decade of austerity, local authorities have naturally gravitated towards innovation as the only viable way to safeguard their road assets. As part of this they have set up knowledge sharing hubs and innovation funding initiatives that encourage the development of new materials and working methods aimed at driving down costs and improving efficiency. This has led to groundbreaking innovations from SMEs in the construction industry.

Roadmender Asphalt, a Sheffield-based SME, has developed a new road repair material, Elastomac, which seeks to provide local authorities with a solution for permanent pothole repairs. The product is also promised to be greener, faster to install and more cost-effective than traditional asphalts, with trials showing that it can halve the costs of repairing potholes.

Harry Pearl, CEO of Roadmender Asphalt, would be available to provide expertise and insights on the following:

How Elastomac should deliver permanent pothole repairs

How new asphalt technologies are more sustainable and environmentally friendly

The council-led initiatives that have facilitated for innovation within the road repair sector

The successful trials that Elastomac has enjoyed with numerous local authorities across the UK