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4:00 AM 16th October 2021

Terrifying Tourism! - The Spookiest Destinations In The UK

Image: Stefan Keller, Pixabay
Image: Stefan Keller, Pixabay
Scare seekers looking to fill their spooky fix this Halloween may be shocked to hear about the true terror behind the scariest destinations around the country.

The car leasing experts at are offering their insight into UK spots with the most supernatural sightings.

Haunted castles, grand halls and villages are peppered throughout the country, with many of their beautiful appearances disguising the supernatural tales and speculations inside.

A spokesperson from said:
“Many of us will have heard tales of old haunted houses and creepy villages but how many of us have actually gone to seek out these creepy paranormal happenings?

“With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to create a run down of some of the most haunted UK spots for thrill seeking Brits looking to experience the supernatural.”

Spine-chilling locations to explore include:

Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5EZ

Nestled within the quiet and picturesque Dorset countryside are these historic ruins. The castle dates back to Norman Times and has a rich, mysterious history which contributes to the eerie atmosphere. A number of spooky sightings and sounds have been reported from these ruins, including the spine-chilling phantom cries of a young child.

Pluckley Village, Ashford, Kent, TN27 0QS
Widely considered as one of the most haunted places in the UK, this picturesque village has been the birthplace of sightings of 12-16 distinctive ghosts who are reported to reside in the village. Most famous of these ghosts is the Watercress Woman, reported to be seen sitting on Pinnock bridge smoking her pipe. The cause of her death was said to be her pipe dropping onto her clothing and engulfing her in the flames.

Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret, London, SE1 9RY
Dating back to 1822, this is one of the world’s oldest surviving operating theatres which is now a museum for brave and strong-stomached visitors to learn more about the traditions of pre-anaesthetic medicine. Most spooky of the attractions may be the operating table standing strong in the museum.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, GL12 7HF
This picture-perfect haunted house looks straight out of your favourite horror film and doesn't disappoint inside, as it is known to be the most haunted house in Britain. Built in 1145, this Inn is believed to draw spiritual energy directly from Stonehenge and boasts several paranormal sightings and experiences from visitors.

Warwick Castle, Warwick, CV34 4QU
With the previous battles, executions, plagues, witchcraft and dungeon surrounding this castle it is no surprise there are a number of paranormal entities within its walls. The famous castle’s overnight ghost hunt is said to help members of the public experience just some of the spooky sightings which have been reported there.

Blickling Hall, Norwich, NR11 6NF
This grand hall stands on the ruins of a medieval manor house, once home to the Boleyn family and the birthplace of Anne Boleyn herself. Each year on the anniversary of her death, the beheaded ex wife of Henry VIII is said to return to Blickling Hall where she roams the halls in a long white dress until the sun comes up. Anne is not the only spirit said to reside within the walls of this hall, many other sightings and paranormal experiences have been reported from the several rooms in this fascinating historical treasure trove.

Margam Castle, Wales, SA13 2TJ
This Gothic style Castle was originally an abbey during the 11th century and then turned into a country house during the 19th century. The abnormally high frequency of paranormal experiences reported here have meant it's earned its place as one of the UK’s most haunted houses. Among the spooky speculations are several mentions of Robert Scott, former gamekeeper who haunts the building and is often seen walking up the grand staircase. Reports tell of the paranormal figure throwing stones at those who try to contact him.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire, BB12 9JR
Surrounded by speculation and mystery, this spot is well known for Britain's most notorious and brutal witch trial after 10 women were found guilty of witchcraft in 1612. Brave visitors are able to retrace the steps of these alleged witches up to their final moments before experiencing an overnight ghost tour.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, NE66 5NJ
Widely considered as Britain's most haunted historical castle, this scary spot remains largely untouched since its ancient battling past. The turbulent history surrounding the castle has resulted in much paranormal activity and a reported mixture of friendly ghosts and tortured spirits.

Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland, DD8 1RJ
This childhood home of the late Queen Mother is the home of many supernatural sightings. There have been reports of numerous ghost sightings, most spooky of the bunch being the Monster of Glamis, a boy who was banished to a secret chamber within the castle due to his hideous appearance. The true story of what happened to the boy is a mystery, however it is said his ghost haunts the castle to this day.