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1:00 AM 29th April 2024

Spusu Mobile Announces Price Freeze Until 2026

Image: spusu
Image: spusu
SIM-only mobile provider spusu has announced it will freeze its prices until the end of January 2026. With the majority of UK mobile providers increasing their prices this April, spusu has taken a stance on ensuring its customers aren’t stung by mid-contract price hikes.
All telecoms providers are permitted to raise their bills annually in accordance with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) from December or the January Retail Prices Index (RPI) rates, typically by the CPI or RPI plus 3.9 per cent. This year, average price increases have been around nine per cent. Many operators increase their prices each year, with the majority of the UK’s major operators pushing up the prices customers pay for their contracts.

Focused on offering customers clarity and consistency with their mobile contracts, spusu had previously vouched to freeze its prices until the end of 2024. Now, the price freeze will extend into 2026. Currently, spusu’s SIM-only plans start from £9.90 per month, rising to £29.90 for its unlimited data, messages and minutes plan.

“Having seen how many bills have increased over the last few years, and the resulting impact of the cost-of-living crisis, spusu has made the decision to freeze its prices until the end of January 2026,” said Christian Banhans, UK managing director of spusu.

“Mobile price increases impact millions of consumers, raising concerns about the affordability of mobile phone contracts. Often, they can come as a surprise to those who haven’t budgeted for the increase. This can be because they’ve not read the terms and conditions when they sign up, or are simply unaware that mobile providers are entitled to increase each year.

“For customers that would prefer to opt out of facing a price increase, they often face a penalty in the form of a huge exit fee, depending on how many months are left in the contract,” continued Banhans.

"spusu does not want to contribute to the ongoing stress people are facing with their bills increasing and believes in offering a fair and affordable service. This means the price freeze applies to all customers who take out a plan from today, including those already on the spusu network.”