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Mohammed Bhana
Huddersfield Town Football Ambassador
5:11 PM 10th July 2018

Sean Jarvis: Huddersfield Town Is The Challenger Brand Of The Premier League

Sean Jarvis
Sean Jarvis
As the 2018/19 Premier League season fast approaches, Huddersfield Town commercial director Sean Jarvis discusses the Terriers’ plan to take on the big boys with a new brand identity, David Wagner and The Town Foundation.

How did you feel when the club’s Premier League status was secured for another year?

For me, this was a proud moment as it concluded a season full of hard work from everyone involved at the Club. From the First Team staff to everyone behind the scenes, it was great to share this moment with everyone.

David Wagner
David Wagner
What does David Wagner make of Yorkshire; he must love the warmth of the fans along with the surroundings?

I can’t really speak for David, but you can really see the affinity he has with the fans – especially on a match day. David and his coaching team recently signed new three-year contracts in the summer so I’m sure that speaks volumes about his rapport with the area and the supporters.

The club has won over a vast number of fans and admirers all over the world. What is it about the club that everyone likes, is it the Yorkshire welcome?

I think it’s the strong ‘Terrier’ brand and sense of identity that resonates with people. We are the challenger brand of the Premier League and that has resonated with lots of people and supporters around the globe.

We’ve seen groups of people come to Huddersfield because of that underdog spirit. The brand has synergy with them and brands are using us as a vehicle. Yorkshire brands have and can use this as a platform to get on that audience.

Tell us about the charitable arm of the club – The Huddersfield Town Foundation.
The charity seems to be going from strength to strength, making a real difference.

The Foundation has grown even further since moving to the Premier League and we’ve been able to make even more of a difference to the lives of people in the local area. We’ve started working with the Premier League on projects such as Primary Stars and Kicks which has helped us use football as a platform to help engage and inspire children in the local area.

We are now able to offer a free and healthy breakfast to children in 31 schools and in May we reached a significant landmark serving up our one millionth breakfast. I’m sure everyone also saw The Big Sleep Out that I took part in last season as we slept out in one of the stands on the night before the Swansea game to raise £55,258 for local homeless causes.

There is so many other projects and activities that the Foundation now deliver, and I urge anyone who would like to find out more or to get involved to do so and get in touch with the Charity.

The Premier League is the most-watched professional sports league in the world.
With Huddersfield in the league for a second season, how can Yorkshire’s Challenger brands take advantage and benefit on a global scale by partnering with the club?

We’ve quickly learned a lot about the global exposure that the Premier League brings. We are now putting that knowledge into practice and have seen increased traction with brands outside the Yorkshire region investing and engaging with the Club.

For scale, there are around 4 billion people who watch Premier League football over the 12-month period of a season. When they come to Huddersfield we are giving them an experience they enjoy, that are part of the family and fabric of the Club. When they go back to their territories we want them to take the positives of what Huddersfield and Yorkshire can offer, people are coming back.

I’ve laid down the gauntlet for Yorkshire brands, not just UK brands, to seize the day as Yorkshire’s only Premier League team. This is a great opportunity and platform to be involved with Huddersfield Town. Businesses need to talk to us and be a part of it. The atmosphere that this place creates and the profile it brings is second to none.

We have our ‘Huddersfield Hundred’ of businesses that partner with the Club that comprises a blend of local, national and international businesses. Businesses taking part in that get Commercial Properties and where possible we use their services and give them the opportunity to tender for work we need.

There are still opportunities to get involved with the Club.