Yorkshire Times
Voice of the North
Jamie Durham
IT Correspondent
11:12 AM 26th July 2019

Parental Device Control

Everyone has the ability to access content on the internet nowadays – including children who are old enough to own a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. 

In most cases, there are minimal to no proof-of-age measurements in place on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, meaning all manner of content is viewable, by all ages.

We’ve all come across disturbing posts, images or videos online – or at least heard about them from other people or on the news. And, with no truly unified consumer mobile and home broadband prevention in place, it’s difficult to protect young adults from harmful content – especially when they have multiple devices. 

To solve this growing issue, it’s a good idea to invest in a Domain Name System (DNS) filtering service – a strategy which makes it difficult for users to locate specific domains or websites. It can be set up to restrict access to certain categories of media, as well as block the majority of malicious sites that are configured at your router and controlled from the web. 

DNS protects all devices connected to it, and only requires one small change on a home router – a skilled professional could modify this in as little as two minutes – before it begins sifting through digital content. 

To get started, create a list on a web portal of all of the sites you wish to block youngsters from viewing, and a protection layer will be added where permission is needed prior to entering the domain. 

It is a simple and effective solution, with no additional installation of software needed, and any device connected to the property’s internet is automatically protected. The service also has the added benefit of protecting adults – for free – from phishing emails.

Open DNS – the one provider who really does this well – which was recently acquired by Cisco, is the one stop shop to guard your growing family from all your internet worries.

Try as they might, we can’t shield our children from inappropriate or disturbing content, 24 hours of the day, but putting this into practice at home and educating them will go a long way in preventing any negative sites from slipping through the net.