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4:06 AM 27th October 2021

New North West Brand Launches To Revolutionise Workwear For Women In Trades

A new brand has launched to provide clothing for the growing number of women in trades as well as those enjoying more manual work outdoors such as gardening or farming. Paterson and Hill has launched with a range of workwear designed specifically for women working in skilled manual or indoor trades.

Designed and predominately manufactured in the UK, the clothing range uses sustainable and circular fabrics and technical detail to cater not only for the growing number of women in traditionally male-dominated trades, such as farming, but also the large number of new gardeners and DIY experts following the pandemic.

It is estimated that there are 3 million new gardeners in the UK following the pandemic and ONS stats show there are growing numbers of women in skilled trades such as farming, engineering and construction.

(L-R) Flavia Paterson and Arabella Hill
(L-R) Flavia Paterson and Arabella Hill
Flavia Paterson, co-founder of Paterson and Hill, said: “We started designing and field testing workwear for the growing number of women in skilled manual jobs two years ago. We didn’t feel women working in these areas were properly catered for with clothes that not only fitted but were technical, durable and sustainable. We were moving towards production, but then the pandemic struck.

“After a horrendous year for everyone, one thing has become clear. The pandemic had made a large number of women look at their jobs and lifestyles and many have reconnected with the outdoors.

“One of the things I like most about our range is that it is suited to so many different purposes, you can use them in trades, but also if you’re just walking the dog or digging in the garden.”

Arabella Hill, co-founder of Paterson and Hill, added: “The idea for Paterson and Hill came to me while I was working on a award-winning garden at Chelsea Flower Show and was struck, while standing in the middle of a construction site, that the men working alongside me were amply catered for in clothing.

“We’ve made numerous amendments to our designs and tested them exhaustively in the field.

“We want to bring about a revolution in workwear for women not only working in and enjoying the outdoors but also skilled indoor trades such as plumbers, decorators or mechanics.

“We want to showcase the amazing women in these areas and how their clothes should not only be fit for purpose, but respect the environment.”