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Koh Samui – Thailand’s Contradiction Island!
Phil Hopkins, Arts & Travel Editor
Marco Boscaini is a wanted man.

But Italy has been unable to repatriate this popular executive chef because he’s being held on the paradise island of Koh Samui in Thailand. However, maybe the clue is in the word ‘paradise’ since this particular Italian isn’t being held against his will, he’s just not that enthusiastic about finding his way back to Milan!

“I ‘av no real reasons for going ‘ome these days,” he says in endearing broken English, “because my family, zey are ‘ere and I am passionate about Prego.”

Prego is the Italian restaurant he set up 15 years ago in conjunction with the Amari Koh Samui Hotel just opposite, setting out to bring a dash of Italian cuisine to this popular island, long before it was truly fashionable and when the closest you could get to a carbohydrate- heavy meal, was a bowl of sticky rice.

Cleverly the Amari chose to keep the sophisticated eatery separate from its nearby hotel, mindful that non-guests can be uncomfortable about straying into a hotel restaurant when they are not resident.

Consequently Prego, which is located on Chaweng Beach Road, is now a hive of activity all year-round, attracting both holidaymakers and locals from across the island. Boscaini has come to know thousands of them and, in a decade and a half, has popularised an eatery now famous for its culinary experimentation.

Marco Boscaini, an export Milan is eager to get back!

The Amari, meanwhile, is a beautiful family hotel and the perfect base from which to explore this interesting ‘fusion’ island. Equipped with top-class facilities, including its own beach area, superb rooms, spa and splendid dining, it is minutes from the town’s main centre and a perfect place in which to relax.

The Amari Koh Samui Hotel

Many would argue that Koh Samui is best described as a ‘fusion’ island because it juxtapositions two opposites. On the one hand there is a nightlife that would put many places to shame. Hooters bar with its serving ladies, competes for air time with cabaret shows, tattoo parlours and loud-hailer vans urging people to buy ringside tickets to the Phetchbuncha Thai Boxing Stadium.

Booze, Tats & Cabaret – Samui the Cocktail Island

However, walk 500 metres across the road and Chaweng Beach, with its glorious sands and stunning views, will leave you believing that you have just strayed into a remote paradise island. These two ‘flavours’ sit side by side comfortably, forming part of the same tourist menu.

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui – Paradise by Day, Partying by Night

As the Greek chap sitting next to me on the way back to Manchester later confided: “I love Samui,” he said. “I came 15 years ago and never went home. The people are so friendly and the lifestyle laid back. I am not rich but I am happy.”

And that Thai happiness is infectious and quite disarming. Here, when you smile, they smile back!

Away from the bars and the beaches much still beckons including the Mummified Monk, Namuang Waterfall, Big Buddha, the Secret Buddha Garden or Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks. And, for the tour enthusiasts, a trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park is well worth the investment.

The lagoon at Mu Koh Ang Thong National Park

But, if you have a sense of adventure there is a different way back to Bangkok other than plane. A short ferry ride from Nathon Pier will bring you to Donsak Pier on the mainland and, it was from here, that I made my way to Surat Town and took the five-hour train bound for the city of Hua Hin ahead of my final push for the capital and home.

Hua Hin is certainly not the number one port of call for Europeans, it boasts many of the top hotel brands and a chocolate box train station to die for but, currently, it is a weekend getaway spot for Thailanders in the know but, no doubt, will soon be discovered by more Westerners.

Hua Hin Rail Station

Whilst there I stayed at the Amari Hua Hin, a different proposition to its Koh Samui stablemate but, nevertheless, a great property from which to explore this interesting centre; don’t forget to check out the Shoreline Beach Club & Restaurant which is romance on drugs, dinner by the sea. Despite denials to the contrary, women will love it and men will score brownie points!

The Amari Hua Hin Hotel

With its night markets and myriad of tours including Sam Roi Yot National Park, Hua Hin is an intriguing place, worthy of exploration and, from here you can prepare yourself for one of Thailand’s great ‘must sees’, the Phraya Nakhon Cave.

The breathtaking Phraya Nakhon Cave

However, it is not for the faint-hearted, requiring of a boat ride, a steep climb up dozens of mountain steps, and an equally steep descent to enter this amazing cavern with its green trees and truly wonderous Phra Thinang Khua Kharuehat, or Tetrahedron Pavilion, built in 1890 by King Rama V. No matter how many people tell you about this place – and there won’t be many in Yorkshire - it does not prepare you for the sense of wonder and privilege you feel as you descend into the cave’s main chamber.

Phraya Nakhon Cave's Tetrahedron Pavilion - aka Phra Thinang Khuha Kharuehat

There is an overwhelming sense of privilege at having witnessed something that few will ever see and, for a moment, I was Howard Carter opening the tomb of Tutankhamun and Sir Edmund Hillary as he summitted Everest; I had just been part of something special because Phraya Nakhon Cave truly is a special place.

Thailand deserves a place on your bucket list but plan your trip carefully, not because you run the risk of getting lost in Bangkok, but because you risk staying in the capital too long and doing the same old same old. This is a country with many twists and turns, undiscovered wonders, lovely people, kindness and a tourist agenda that will surprise you. Make time for Thailand because its people will make time for you. Your moments are precious, use them wisely and any investment made in this glorious country will be paid back with wonderful memories……and never forget, money can’t buy those at the graveside.


Travel Tips Thailand

Fully comp travel insurance recommended.
   Check policy covers motorbikes, diving or adventure pursuits.

Passport:- You will need six months validity on your passport to travel to
   Thailand, as well as two blank pages.
   On a British or Irish passport, you are visa exempt for 30 days.

Take a pre-loaded travel money ‘cash’ card.
   This will save on bank / credit card fees.

Quickly cancelled if lost or stolen. Try Post Office’s multi-currency card.
   Be aware that some retail outlets still try and charge you 3% for using a ‘credit card’.
   It isn’t a credit / debit card so stand your ground!

The currency used in Thailand is baht. It is a good idea to exchange your
   money in Thailand as you get a better rate.
   UK Post Office nearly 39 baht to the £1. In Chiang Mai nearly 43 baht!
   Cash definitely works in Thailand!

Don’t drink tap water. Buy bottled.

Temples – men and women are required to cover shoulders.
   Men should have over the knee shorts.
   Women a long skirt / sarong.

Pack as if you were going to enjoy an excellent English summer!

Take a hat, a light waterproof and a small umbrella if there in the rainy season.

Take a plug adapter for your electronic devices……and lots of sun cream!

Fact Box - Official site of Thai Tourism - The company that set up this trip - Internal Flights - Internal Flights - Visas - Travel Help

To make the most of their Bangkok stay, guests can plan ahead using Destination Amari

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