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1:00 AM 10th February 2024

Is Valentine's Day A Thing Of The Past?

Half Of Brits Planning To Ditch Valentine's Celebrations In 2024
Image by Annette from Pixabay
Image by Annette from Pixabay
A recent survey shows a significant decline in the celebration of Valentine's Day in the UK, with nearly half (48%) of Brits planning not to celebrate the national day of love in 2024, a notable decrease from two-fifths of Brits (61%) who celebrated in 2023.

The research, which has been revealed by travel membership service Velloy, comes following the release of the company's 2024 Dating Index. This inaugural Index offers a comprehensive look at the dating habits, preferences and emerging trends among Brits in the UK.

According to the index, which surveyed 2,000 Brits in relationships, the decrease in Valentine's Day celebrations is more pronounced across various genders and age groups. Among those surveyed, half (53%) of men and two-thirds (62%) of women shared that they intend to celebrate the holiday. However, the enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day appears to decline with age. Nearly two-thirds (61%) of 18-34-year-olds plan to celebrate, in comparison to just 45% of those aged 55 and over.

The research found that ‘at-home dates’ top the list as the most popular Valentine’s Day activity in 2024, with nearly half of those celebrating (45%) favouring a more intimate celebration, followed by a fifth (20%) who are planning on going out for dinner. Cinema outings (15%), going for drinks (15%) and having a trip away (2%), were among other celebrations as stated by couples.

Another aspect of the survey took into account the location of respondents. Brighton was found to be the city in the UK with the most couples planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day (71%). Meanwhile, Plymouth has the least amount of couples participating in Cupid’s holiday, with less than a third (28%) planning to celebrate.

The Uk's Most Romantic Cities as per Valentine's Day Celebrations
RANK City Percentage of People Celebrating
1 Brighton 71%
2 London 65%
3 Manchester 64%
4 Bristol 58%
5 Glasgow 54%
=6 Leeds, Norwich 53%
=7 Sheffield, Edinburgh, Liverpool 52%
=8 Belfast, Newcastle, Southampton 51%
=9 Birmingham, Nottingham 50%
10 Cardiff 39%
11 Plymouth 28%

When looking at what Brits plan to gift this Valentine’s Day, it was found that a third (33%) of people plan to give their partner chocolates, whilst almost a quarter (24%) will choose to express their affection with flowers. However, less than one in ten (8%) are planning to buy their partner an additional gift such as jewellery and perfumes.

Despite not stating they are celebrating the holiday, the majority (84%) of British couples did confirm they will be giving their significant other a card this Valentine's Day.

Hugo Cannon, founder of Velloy, says:
"The Velloy Dating Index was created to uncover how Brits are tackling the world of love. The data from our index takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of dating, from discovering what is giving people the ‘ick’ in 2024, to uncovering the true cost of finding 'the one’.

“With February 14th quickly approaching, of course, we had to see how Brits plan on celebrating the day of love in 2024. It was somewhat disheartening to learn that many couples are ditching celebrations this year, as it’s apparent as a nation we shy away from overt displays of affection.

"Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that Brits might change their minds and choose to commemorate the day, even if it means opting for a last-minute bouquet of flowers from a petrol station and a casual date at Nando's."

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