Yorkshire Times
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7:00 AM 8th August 2021

Gin’s The Thing Says Spa Town

Harrogate’s first dedicated gin bar – ‘The Duck In’ gin lounge – has been opened by The Hotel St George.

The North Yorkshire bar, which is situated in the hotel’s reception area, before leading to a dedicated lounge, offers a range of more than 40 gins, including locally sourced options like Harrogate-based Slingsby Gin, as well as gins from other Yorkshire distilleries such as Otterbeck.

The new lounge sees the Hotel St George add a unique spin to its hospitality offering, helping it to stand out from other Harrogate venues – with ‘The Duck In’ lounge being the town’s only bar dedicated specifically to gin.

Commenting on the opening, Paul Donkin, General Manager of the Hotel St George, said: “Previously the space in the hotel was little used, however, we wanted to revamp the area and use it in a way that would add to our appeal, while also adding an element that would make us stand out. With our hotel bar already known as the Dog & Duck, we hit upon ‘The Duck In’ as a name, as people can just duck in for a quick gin – or stay for longer of course if they’re particularly thirsty!”