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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
9:00 AM 27th June 2020

Flexible ‘On-Demand’ Flight Network Launched

KinectAir has launched a new model for regional air mobility enabling people to use a smartphone app to order a flight directly from their nearest airfield location to anywhere within a 1,000 mile radius.

The company is bringing its on-demand experience to aviation by using the combination of an Artificial Intelligence enabled app and smaller format state-of-the-art aircraft to access 10x more local airfields.

As one of the last major industries to be disrupted, when implemented this low infrastructure network will revolutionize where, when and how people fly to create a more sustainable ecosystem for regional flying based on actual demand.

KinectAir CEO Jonathan Evans
KinectAir CEO Jonathan Evans
Post Covid, the airlines are broken, says KinectAir CEO Jonathan Evans, and the hub and spoke model is less attractive to passengers than ever before.

“Billions in government bailouts will likely end in failure. Worse, healthy demand for regional air travel is being ignored at the exact time people want the choice to live and work wherever they want and stay connected.

“The way people move is changing but flying has not evolved. People are tired of fixed airline schedules and crowded airport hubs. It will blow people's minds if they can control their flight path like this. That’s why we have reimagined air travel as a flexible on-demand flight network, to move people to where they need to be. And put the joy back into flying!”

Jonathan has been working on his dream of an air mobility solution for the last two years and now has a global team helping bring it to fruition.

He added: “More than ever, people want to fly to see those who matter, just in a more selective way. With KinectAir we avoid major airport hubs and waiting lines, cut out airport commutes and deliver a short, safe and hygienic boarding experience to get airborne in minutes. In bringing networked regional air connectivity, we’re building community around our vision.”

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