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Ann Marie Cousins
Lifestyle Correspondent
12:00 AM 18th May 2024

Finding The Right Trade Partner For Your Design Scheme

When considering a new design scheme for your home, the starting place is often the ‘grand plan’ - what you want to achieve from your project, in which rooms you want to achieve it and how quickly you want to finish it.

But the all-important next question should be - who is going to help me accomplish my goal?
From joiners, to upholsters, bathroom specialists, and of course interior designers, we understand how important
it is to work with someone you trust, and who you feel understands your brief.

Our small corner of England has some of the best interior talents in the industry, which can make choosing your perfect partner that bit harder. As part of the interior design process, your designer of choice should be helping lead you down the confusing path of choosing the correct trades and suppliers, and using their trusted black book of contacts to ensure you have everything you need to start your home project fully equipped.

But, if you have decided to undertake your project without an interior designer or project lead, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before signing on the dotted line with a supplier or trade:
Can this individual or company provide you with exactly what you want? Or will they redesign what you are after to suit their style rather than yours?
Can this individual or company accomplish more than one part of your project? Is it worth asking them to quote for multiple items at the outset?
Do they have any past work they can show you?
Might there be any former clients you can speak to for a testimonial?
Are they within your budget?
Does their quote include everything you have asked for up front?
How will they work with other trades on site?
Do you want someone to manage the process for you?

Time and time again, we see projects commencing with a sketched-out plan of what is to come. To ensure that you can stick to the budget you have laid out, and achieve your ultimate goal, it is paramount that a concrete plan is in place before a spade enters the ground, or paint brush touches the wall.

Now hold on, I hear you cry – there are always issues that arise post commencement of works, and items that require work which were not on the original list. Yes, this is correct, but if you have a very clear idea of what you are after (and a 25% budget buffer), as well as an experienced project manager or designer at the end of the phone, you will ensure the sailing is as smooth as it can be.

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