Yorkshire Times
A Voice of the North
Gary Fawcett
10:36 AM 15th August 2014

Fairylights and Fish

Acorn Glade. The name immediately conjures a feeling of "getting away from it all" and relaxation. This retreat on the edge of the Vale of York does not have WiFi and doesn't allow children or pets. What is does have is eco-friendly yurts and a log cabin, with wood burning log stoves and double or king sized beds, set around a beautiful lake well stocked with fish.

Richard and Julie, your very gracious hosts at Acorn Glade, have worked hard to balance the different requirements of the pampered camper, green living and local wildlife. The high standard yurts and log cabin have solar fairylights, which are automatically activated in the evening, and wind up lanterns. My partner and I, when returning from the local pub, the Melbourne Arms at around 10pm that evening, were looking forward to seeing the fairylights on in our yurt. Soon we were in the double bed with the inside of the yurt illuminated by the wood burning stove, fairylights and tea candles. It felt very romantic and almost dream-like. Acorn Glade is the perfect place for couples looking to get away from it all. Just in case you were worried, you can switch off the fairylights if you want.

The following morning, I made tea in the yurt (each living space is equipped with a basic gas stove, kettle and mugs) and looked out of our hatch door at the picture perfect scenery which is a candidate as a local wildlife site. As I drank my tea, I tried to think about what I needed to do later that day at work and found that I wasn't particularly difficult. Instead I turned to my partner and suggested that we walk around the lake so that we could find and count the hand-crafted fairy doors that were hidden among the trees.

There is a shared facility of a fully equipped communal kitchen known as "The Chicken Shed" which was full of eco-friendly strategies such as solar panels for electricity, air source hot water for the showers and sinks and push down taps for water conservation. Part of the communal area is a workshop where you can learn various crafts when you stay there. Alternatively, if you have a rod license, you can while away the hours fishing at the lake, or you can bird watch from the specially constructed shelter in the woodland area.

Overall, there is an ideal potential mix of romantic evenings and relaxing days where you can learn a skill if you wish, or just sit or lie by the lake and take it easy.

Unfortunately, much too soon, we had to leave. As we left Acorn Glade my Blackberry found the network and notified me I had emails to read and voicemails to listen annoying!