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12:00 AM 10th May 2024

“Electrostimulation Treatments Are Nothing To Be Scared Of!”


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
A Leeds woman who survived three major surgeries and conquered several chronic health conditions has brought a revolutionary electrostimulation treatment to the UK for the first time. And the fact that the treatment has helped her tremendously when Western medicine fell short means she’s the ideal ambassador.

As the first ever UK practitioner of The Zenni Electrostimulation Method, Jowita Penkala now has clinics in London, Leeds and Manchester. She is now helping people find relief from conditions such as asthma, allergies, long Covid, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid issues, prostate problems, Parkinson’s, joint and muscle pain, bulging discs, menopause, and many others.

Jowita Penkala
Jowita Penkala
Jowita says:
“After a 20-year search for an effective holistic treatment, The Zenni Method had a drastic impact on my own chronic health conditions. So much so that I have brought it to the UK for the first time. Electrostimulation can sound a little scary, perhaps because of false connotations with historical interventions, but it is gentle, completely non-invasive and works by lightly stimulating the body so that it can ‘autoregulate’ more effectively. This can subsequently lead to better harmony and balance and in turn have a beneficial effect on health. I have clients who report that their blood pressure decreased and who feel their rosacea subsided after just two treatments. I also have clients who experience less Parkinson’s-associated tremors, and many use their time in my studios as an opportunity to relax and take some time out”.

The method has already been used to great success on thousands of people in Australia, Poland, Canada, the USA and other countries over the last 30 years. It uses weak diadynamic and galvanic currents that are delivered to the human body through electrodes. Various scientific publications highlight the beneficial effects of the currents on various chronic health conditions such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, post-stroke issues, musculoskeletal problems and many others.

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