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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
9:00 AM 10th August 2020

DREAMING OF REMOTENESS ……..Guyana, South America

If you would like to reset and recharge in fifth of the world’s best secluded stays, then look no further. We’ll be featuring one a day. Here’s your fifth:

Travellers looking for a sense of seclusion from the outside world should look no further than the remote, uncharted lands of Guyana.

Over 80% of Guyana’s territory is dense, pristine rainforest where human contact is seldom and total immersion in raw nature is an inevitability.

Guyana’s eco-systems have evolved over millennia undisturbed by human development meaning that even the most impressive landmarks such as Kaieteur Falls
... the world’s largest single-drop waterfall, is free of hordes of tourists.

Wildlife Worldwide’s tour ‘Guyana: A Pristine Wilderness’ takes travellers into a variety of ecosystems including tropical rainforest, savannahs, wetlands, mighty rivers, mangroves, and mountains.

Visitors will have the chance to spot iconic animals such as black caiman, giant anteater
...giant river otter, arapaima, harpy eagle, capybara, and green anaconda.