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4:14 PM 22nd November 2021

CBI President Responds To Leader Of The Opposition’s Speech At CBI Annual Conference In Birmingham

Lord Bilimoria, CBI President CBE, DL, said:
“To have a Labour Leader standing on a CBI platform championing the role and success of business shows just how far the party has come.

“The Leader of the Opposition’s commitments to sound public finances, the green economy and making Brexit work for business will be heard by firms up and down the country.

“It’s also hugely encouraging to see a Labour Leader ready to seize the initiative on the UK’s productivity puzzle, reform burdensome business rates and back Britain’s workforce with the skills investment needed to make a success of today – as well as tomorrow.

“As Labour advances its new - more consultative - ‘contract with business’, the CBI will play its part. In providing Sir Keir and his team with expert business insight, we can help Labour’s economic policies stay on the path of enabling growth rather than hampering it.

“Sitting in Birmingham, in the offices of Advanced, we get a glimpse of the competitive, dynamic, future-focussed economy we need to strive for. The CBI is committed to working with all parties to make sure we get there.”