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3:38 PM 2nd October 2020

Badger Your Friends And Family To Celebrate World Animal Day

Sunday 4 October marks World Animal Day. The mission of the day is to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

Hull-based mouth painting artist, Leanne Beetham is celebrating the day with an animal themed drawing tutorial, with the aim to help increase our awareness and learning around badgers – specifically the European badger (or Meles meles).

Learn how to draw the protected species, Leanne’s tips and tricks that can be applied when drawing any animal, and not to mention plenty of fun facts about badgers along the way.

For a fun and free Sunday activity, all you’ll need are pencils, paper, and an hour set aside to get artistic. Don’t forget to share your final piece at #PaintWithMFPA

Leanne Beetham, a member of the Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), said:
“I think badgers are amazing and intelligent animals, yet often overlooked. We seem to forget to stop and appreciate our local species, and the amazing biodiversity we have here in the UK. Perhaps when they’re on our doorstep we take them for granted? Whether it’s an African lion, European badger, or even our common starling - I think they all deserve our attention, admiration, & protection.

“I think this is especially relevant in the current climate. On the one hand, with Covid-19, the countryside is probably one of the few and - in my opinion - best places left that we can still appreciate freely with lesser risk. On the other hand, that very nature that we love is currently threatened by habitat destruction, and badgers are suffering in particular due to added pressures from the cull. The reasoning behind this is massively debated, and I’m not trying to turn this into something political, but I do always try to approach my artworks with the aim of educating & inspiring."

On why she’s created this tutorial now, Leanne said:
“I believe that the more we understand something, the less fearful we are, and the more proactive and caring we become. I have found the best way to learn is when you’re having fun, hence this tutorial! We shouldn’t be at war with nature, we should innovate, finding the best approach that benefits both sides. As humans, having natural spaces is important for us too - for both physical & mental health. The thing is, if we remain ignorant and don’t discuss these important issues, one day it may be too late. I believe we’re all capable of making a positive change in the world, even if it’s just a small one; for me, this is hopefully one of my small contributions.”

Join the celebrations and and watch the full tutorial at: