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Graham Clark
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1:00 AM 6th August 2022

Album Review: Berries - How We Function

Berries - How we function

We are Machines; Spiral; Basic Tables; The Expert; Discreetly; Haze; Wall of Noise; Siren; Grow; Strength in Numbers; Copy; Your Mind.

Xtra Mile Recordings XMR174

If you like artists such as The Breeders, Wolf Alice, Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chilli Peppers chances are you will enjoy this stunning new debut album from Berries.

The three piece girl group deliver tight, crunchy guitar lines over puncturing rhythmic patterns set against some melodic songs. Sounding bold and brave these tracks deserve to be heard by a large audience.

The articulate and meticulous songs sound like they were recorded with precision, revealing a dedication that is bolstered by the words which they have chosen to lace their sounds.

We Are Machines opens up the twelve track album, set over a punchy beat, the lyric “this is how we function” appears to set the tone for what is to come. Drawing the listener in with a wall of sound you cannot fail to be impressed with the quality of songwriting on display here.

Spiral comes with a guitar hook that Red Hot Chilli Peppers would be proud to play: gripping and intriguing the track should sound even better in a live context.

Single Wall of Noise will resonate with their audience, though no doubt the same will be said soon of other songs like We Are Machines and Haze all dealing with elements of imposter syndrome, struggle and difficulty, things that we can all relate too.

This is a band who sound truly independent - you will hear nothing as good as this in the singles charts. In ambition, heart and mind Berries have rekindled my faith in guitar music - they should be proud of the end result - and hopefully you will be too.